Size Chart

Slinks are made in whole European Sizes

US/ AUS567899.51010.5

How to measure your foot for the perfect fitting summer sandals from Slinks, Interchangeable sandals

Further help

If you are still unsure which size to select you can get a little more technical with our help:

1. Trace the outline of your barefoot on a sheet of paper. Try and keep the pencil perpendicular to the paper.

2. Draw a line A to B between the widest part of your foot and line C to D down the longest section of your foot.

3. Measure these two lines in centimetres (cm) and refer to the size chart below.

Warning: Pencil may tickle the inside of your foot!

SizeMeasurement A – BMeasurement C – D
Size 359.2cm23cm
Size 369.4cm23.7cm
Size 379.6cm24.4cm
Size 389.8cm25.1cm
Size 3910cm25.8cm
Size 4010.2cm26.5cm
Size 4110.4cm27.2cm
Size 4210.6cm27.9cm